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Flamenco course Spanish language classes. Just like the language, the dance is a very important form of communication. Spain, especially Andalusia, the birthplace of Flamenco, plays a leading role in the international scene. For many years, the Alhambra Instituto has offered its students the opportunity to participate in Flamenco classes.Flamenco lessons during your stay in Malaga learning Spanish in Spain

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The Feria de Malaga (August 12 to 21) has ancient roots. It was first celebrated in 1491 to mark the entrance of the city into the territories of the kingdom of Castile. Popularly known as Gran Fiesta del Verano (large party of the summer), it is an unusual mix of sincere religiosity manifested by votive processions, and especially by bullfights - and of paganism, as exemplified by the wonderful flamenco shows. The celebration rages across the city with all kinds of events, eating and drinking.

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Malaga's beaches are situated very close to the city with all its shops, bars and restaurants. They extend over 14 kilometers, which is surpassed only by the length of the beaches of places like Marbella and Estepona, and are easy to reach, both by public transport or private vehicle. Separated from the noisy city traffic, the beaches with their beautiful promenades are oases of peace and relaxation. Malaga offers a unique combination of sights, museums, restaurants and cultural facilities ...

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This course is aimed at people who wish to learn famous, typical and important Spanish dishes. A large part of this course focuses on Andalusian cooking, such as it’s world famous Gazpacho, Ajoblanco, Salmorejo... recipes. The course combines learning Spanish plus practical cooking classes with gastronomic cultural activities such as museum visits, excursions to typical places of interest, restaurants, bars etc. always under the guidance of a Teacher...